Have a cup of Nespresso Coffee with us!

The Permanent Quest For Exceptional Coffee

From the coffee cherry to the moment of tasting, Nespresso perfectly masters each step in the creation of its Grands Crus.

  Selecting the best beans

Nespresso only selects “Gourmet Coffees” that represent the top 1-2% of the world’s coffee production. A selected quantity meet the quality criteria Nespresso demands. An extremely meticulous quest, which can take our Experts to the most remote plantations.

Blending of the Grands Crus

Much like perfumers, the Nespresso Experts create Grands Crus of varied personalities. They combine coffees from specific origins so that their aromatic profiles complement and enhance one another. This stage, which mixes know-how and inspiration, is one where Nespresso sets itself apart most distinctively.


It is during roasting that coffee aromas develop. For each blend, the Master Roasters from Nespresso put together a specific roasting profile, designed to bring out the distinct characteristics of the diverse origins. This delicate operation demands a great depth of know-how.